Honda Fit Lease: Thursday, May 23, 2019

Memorial Day 2019 Weekend signaled the end of a three year Honda Financial Lease on a 2016 Honda Fit.

I made use of the time away from work to negotiate a new lease on a 2019 Honda Fit LX. I arrived to the dealership early Thursday morning-around 7:30am, to better the chance of securing a cubicle to do work while waiting for sales staff to arrive. At first, I had plans to turn in the vehicle, pay the termination fee and walk. I was pursuaded not to and I changed my mind which led to a new lease on a 2019 Honda Fit. The terms of the negotiated lease included an increased mileage allowance of 15,000 This is slightly more than the standard Honda mileage allowance of at the rate of 12K/year. Any mileage over 15K will be assessed at 15 cents/mile. Highlights:

  • List Price:

  • Negotiated Price:

  • Monthly Payment: $289/month

  • Zero down payment

    • Base Monthly Payment: $280.58

    • Monthly Sales/Use Tax: $8.42

  • The monthly payment is now $55 more a month than the first lease beginning in July 2016 and ended in May 2019.

Carl Schuler