WIndows 10 PRO ISO installation Disc in Hyper-V


Window 10 Pro installation:

  1. Created Hyper-V profile for Windows

  2. Profile set to boot from external DVD

  3. 1st Error Message:

    1. Widows Setup installation stated and error messages arrived, “ Windows cannot find the Microsoft Software License Terms. Make sure the installation sources are valid and restart the installation. “

  4. Burned new ISO Image to DVD

  5. Continued installation with new disc

  6. Installation began: Applicable notices and license terms

  7. WIndows Setup. Selected Custom: Install Windows only (Advanced)

  8. Windows installing

  9. Keyboard selection

  10. Selected choices with Advanced Security and Privacy

  11. Message, “Leave everything to us” showed with warning not to turn off your PC

  12. Installation completed

SoftwareCarl Schuler